The Cayce Herbal 
 A Comprehensive Guide to the  
Botanical Medicine of Edgar Cayce
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Home Health Remedies

    This section is a home medicine chest of simples remedies for common ailments. Many of the Cayce herbal remedies can be used for home health.  All of the herbal remedies in this section can be either commercially purchased or prepared in the kitchen from ingredients that can be purchased.  If you have a green thumb, many of the ingredients can be grown in a garden.

    As a practical matter, these remedies have been selected as representative from the diverse recommendations given by Edgar Cayce for specific individuals.  It must be kept in mind that for each person Edgar Cayce gave specific directions for the condition at a particular point in time.  Thus, a certain degree of flexibility may be expected in the application of these remedies.

Abdominal Cramping

Aches and Pains Athlete's Foot Breast Development Constipation Cough Diarrhea Hayfever Headache Hemorrhoids Indigestion or Gastro-intestinal Irritation Kidney Problems Reproductive System Sinusitis Skin and Hair Tonics Varicose Veins
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